• Prayer Meeting

    Announced by Carol Simons on Dec 25 2017

    Prayer meeting is Wednesdays at 7:00 pm.  We are currently studying the book of John, complete with a movie.
  • Men's Bible Study

    Announced by Carol Simons on Aug 16 2017

    Men's Bible Study meets Tuesdays at 7:00 pm in the Pastor's office.  Check with Loren Chilson for more information.
  • Feeding the Homeless

    Announced by Carol Simons on May 15 2016

    The third Sabbath each month is our homeless feed.  The theme is always Italian.  Your donation of food (frozen lasanges, salad, cookies, etc), time and service is always appreciated.
  • Potluck

    Announced by Carol Simons on Jan 30 2016

    Food, fun, fellowship, family.  All-church family potluck is held every second and fourth week of the month here in our fellowship hall.  All guests are especially welcome!  Church family, please be sure to bring plenty for your family plus extra to feed our guests.  We appreciate you bringing your food fully prepared (we will have a refrigerator space and a warming oven ready).  You are also welcome to cook or prepare something in our kitchen if you are not able to prepare it ahead of time.
  • Church News Emails

    Announced by Carol Simons on Jun 09 2012

    To be added to the mailing list for church emails, please contact Susan Terry