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Date Title Presenter
2015-12-26 Christmas Program Play
2015-12-19 Christmas Time Is Family Time Pastor Mike Stevenson Play
2015-12-12 Appointed To Or Disappointed By The Cross Pastor Mike Stevenson Play
2015-12-05 When We All Get To Heaven Pastor Mike Stevenson Play
2015-12-28 The Thankful Narcissist Pastor Brandon Kharns Play
2015-11-21 Jesus Spirit Lives Pastor Mike Stevenson Play
2015-11-14 Hate And Hate Not Pastor Mike Stevenson Play
2015-11-07 Power Of God Pastor Mike Stevenson Play
2015-10-31 2 Keys To Life, Love, And God Pt2 Pastor Brandon Kharns Play
2015-10-24 2 Keys To Life, Love, And God Pastor Brandon Kharns Play
2015-10-17 Left Behind Arlene Hill Play
2015-10-10 Grace...And More Grace Frank Liebscher. Play
2015-10-03 Descipleship: Self-Deception Pastor Brandon Kharns Play
2015-09-26 Where Is The Miracle Paul Opp Play
2015-09-19 The Real Intentions Of A Clock Pastor Brandon Kharns Play
2015-09-11 The Nature Of Our Fire Pastor Brandon Kharns Play
2015-09-04 Hiding The Cross Arlene Hill Play
2015-08-28 The Last Two Feet Pastor Brandon Kharns Play
2015-08-21 The Father's Love Elder Ed Keyes Play
2015-08-14 A Tale Of Two Judges Pastor Brandon Kharns Play
2015-08-07 The Pirates Secret To Saving The Church Pastor Brandon Kharns Play
2015-07-31 The Relations Between Adventist Education And The Uniquely Adventist Mission Pastor Tony Brandon Play
2015-07-24 I Will Come Again Pastor Villamor Meriales Play
2015-07-17 The Life And Teachings Of Jesus Elder Arnold Trujillo Play
2015-07-17 Why Me Lord Jerry Wagoner Play
2015-07-03 Be Not Afraid Myggie Arlene Hill Play
2015-07-03 The Weaker King Pastor Peter Casillas Play
2015-06-19 Outreach Elder Ed Keyes Play
2015-06-12 A Stick, Two Stone, And Some Bread Pastor Carlos Camacho Play
2015-06-05 Journey's Series Part 2 - The Virtue Of The Billain Pastor Brandon Kharns Play
2015-05-29 Journey Series Part 1: The Anatomy Of A Good Story Pastor Brandon Kharns Play
2015-05-22 A Song Will Rise Pastor Bill Bossert Play
2015-05-15 Importance Of Present Truth Pastor Bill Bossert Play
2015-05-08 The Tale Of Two Cities Pastor Bill Bossert Play
2015-05-02 You Lost Me Pastor Bill Bossert Play
2015-05-02 What Young Adults Really Think About The Church And Why It Should Matter Pastor Bill Bossert Play
2015-05-02 The Perfect Storm Pastor Bill Bossert Play
2015-04-24 When We Disagree Pastor Bill Bossert Play
2015-04-17 Upon This Rock Pastor Bill Bossert Play
2015-04-10 Our Prophetic Call Pastor Tu'i Finau Play
2015-04-03 It's Sabbath, But Sunday Is Comin Pastor Brandon Kharns Play
2015-03-27 The Waves Of His Grace Pastor Bill Bossert Play
2015-03-20 A Day Of Wrest And Sadness Pastor Bill Bossert Play
2015-03-13 In Search Of A Blessing 3 Pastor Bill Bossert Play
2015-03-06 In Search Of A Blessing 2 Pastor Bill Bossert Play
2015-02-27 In Search Of A Blessing 1 Pastor Bill Bossert Play
2015-02-20 The Spiritual Handicap And The Big Fix Pastor Brandon Kharns Play
2015-02-13 Hucksters And Hypocrites Pastor Bill Bossert Play
2015-02-06 Stumbling Over New Light Stumbling Over New Light Play
2015-01-30 I Didn't See It Then Mark Gutman Play
2015-01-23 Surviving Church Pastor Bill Bossert Play
2015-01-16 Love In Action Pastor Bill Bossert Play
2015-01-09 What We Have Seen And Heard Pastor Bill Bossert Play
2015-01-02 The Power & The Pardon Pastor Bill Bossert Play